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August 11, 2012

Notarizing a Voice?

Notarizing a voice 

A Notary in California was called to an insane asylum to perform a notary act for a patient.  The notary was to show up at 11am and meet Dr. Crane.  So, the California mobile notary public showed up on time as expected and met with the Doctor. The Doctor escorted the notary to the room with the patient whose name was Patrick.
Patrick said that in order for him to be released from the hospital he needed a notarized document from someone authoritative who could verify that he wasn’t insane.  Patrick said, that the only one he knew who would be willing to vouch for him was the voice.  Patrick asked the notary if he could notarize the voice.
The California notary said, “Sorry, but I can’t notarize a voice”.  Then Patrick said, “Please, this is my only chance, please help me”.  The notary told Patrick again that notaries don’t notarize voices.  Then, the Doctor asked if there was anything the notary could do.  At this point, the notary became very perplexed, but noticed that the doctor kept winking when Patrick wasn’t looking. The notary caught on, that the Doctor was just playing along so that his patient would think he was on their side and legitimately trying to help.  The notary said, for the third time, that he couldn’t notarize a voice.
Finally, the Doctor asked, “Why can’t you notarize a voice?”.  At this point, the California notary public explained —
“Because the voice doesn’t have an identification card!!!!”


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