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July 26, 2012

The Technique – Getting Reviews!

Getting Reviews is Hard!  You Need Technique! 

I talk to notaries daily about getting reviews. The notaries who are getting ahead on our directory normally have a great notes section, are certified by 123notary, and have reviews.  Being high on the list makes a huge difference too, assuming your listing looks good in all other respects.  But, notaries are complaining that it is hard to get reviews.  The people who they ask say they will do it, and then nothing happens. Or, people say they already did it, but the review doesn’t show up and then I get blamed when I did nothing wrong (or right). 
Successful notaries usually have one thing in common — they are METHODICAL.  You ask them a question, they give you a detailed step by step answer.  The notaries who are flakes have trouble answering a question like, “Do you have a single or double tray laser printer?” I got this long answer from a lady about how she had three and one was an ink jet and it had two trays.  I told her that it is better not to even mention that because people don’t accept ink jets.  It took five minutes of pulling teeth to find out that she did NOT have a dual tray laser printer.  I ask people about their hours of operation and it takes 10 minutes to get a straight answer.  If you want to be successful, you need to give clear answers immediately, and be methodical about how you think and communicate.
So, to get reviews, the methodical and sensible thing to do is to call AND email ALL clients who mentioned that they liked your service.  The email should contain a LINK to your review page, and there should be a friendly call to increase the chance they will actually do something. Human interaction multiplies the chance that someone will lift a finger, and it is important because people are very busy in 2012!
Signing and Title company workers are less likely to write a review for you, so ask independent clients and borrowers first and put the big company workers lower on your list of people to call.
Good luck — you will NOT be that successful if you have zero reviews — so do something!!! It really is a life or death matter for your business.

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  1. Where did the lady find a dual tray inkjet?

    Comment by Paul — May 13, 2013 @ 1:04 am

  2. HP makes a nice one but why would you want it? It’s fast and has super color. I use mine all the time as some places do not care. Especiall the Attornies, and private parties. i personally can’t tell the difference and I have some companies that use me all the time and I will ofter use the ink jet.

    Ink jets are much more expensive to use. Go Lazer!

    Comment by Eugene W. Riggs — May 13, 2013 @ 5:40 pm

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