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August 15, 2020

Shut Downs and their catastrophic effect on the world

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Most of us lack the capability or willingness to think for ourselves or to look at real data. We let the media dictate what we think contributing to what Noam Chomsky calls, “Manufactured public opinion.” Under normal circumstances this can lead to the Democratic party getting disproportional votes as the media is left leaning for the most part these days. But, there can be more catastrophic consequences of this media induced frenzy surrounding the Covid19 pandemic.

The media gets us to focus on Covid-19 and fear. They create a neurolinguistic link between Covid-19 and fear. The mention the word Coronavirus and then show images and statistics of people dying in mass all around us. They repeat this information and these images endlessly.

During a recent period of time, CNN spent 160 hours reporting on Covid-19, but only 6 on unemployment. If mass amounts of people are unemployed, they will go to food banks when they run out of money. If food banks have a line three miles long and run out of food which is inevitable, then people will starve. Although few have starved already, it is likely that people will run out of money in mass at the same time. This can contribute to civil unrest, looting, and mass starvation.

The UN has reported that 130 million people worldwide are likely to starve as a result of shut downs and economic discontinuity over the next several months. I came to a similar conclusion long before I read that statistic. But, we cannot accurately guess how many will starve. It might be half the planet. The main point, is that in our quest to “save lives” we will end up ruining more lives than we save by far and ending many more as well.

Shutdowns lead to:
8000% increase in calls to suicide hotlines
A dramatic increase in child molestation and domestic violence
The draining of people’s finances who have low savings or high overhead — and that can lead easily to starvation.
A feeling of helplessness and misery
A feeling of mistrust in authorities
Civil unrest.

Most of my friends are afraid to go outside due to the hyped up threat of infection. A healthy person around 50 who is infected has a 1 in 50,000 chance in dying from Covid19 according to some number crunching I did. This is five times as high as the risk of dying in a car accident during the year. Yet people’s fear is dedicated 99% to viruses and not at all to the other risks to life and limb staring us in the face.

A few months from now, we might not be able to leave the house due to riots, looting, people dying on the street and chaos. That to me is a lot more dangerous than a trumped up flu. Our governor’s reaction to Covid19 will destroy society. The sad part is that 85% of the locals here in California support these lock downs. I guess they are leftists who want to completely destroy what we have been working for for the last 244 years.

There will be insufficient support for my points of view until it is too late. So, I try to educate and alert others to the more realistic risks out there via social media and do the best I can to take care of myself. I dread to see what the world looks like in a year should I live so long.


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