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August 9, 2020

Are lockdowns good for the elderly and vulnerable?

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If you look at the age stats on Worldometer’s Coronavirus pages, you will find that those who are healthy at any age are very rarely victims of this terrible disease. There is a reason why people 70+ or those with lung or immunity issues would hide at home. But, if the healthy are hiding at home, that prolongs the disease.

The CDC and disease control agencies want to prolong the disease as long as possible. But, that is not good for the elderly or anyone else effected by the shut down. So, let’s imagine several scenarios.

1. Severe lock down.
If you have a hard lock down, the disease would spread very slowly. It might stop altogether that is — until you reopen, and someone from another place, or another species i.e. bats or cats reseeds your population with cases. Then you get the epidemic starting all over again. You close down again, and then open up again and the same thing can keep happening. Immunity is the only thing that can stop Covid19 in the long run. The Chinese government follows this type of solution which is a non-solution if you track out where they will be in a year.

2. Moderate lock down
Unfortunately, all of the USA based their lock down dates based on what was happening in NYC and fear that they would end up just like Northern Italy which has turned out to be very distant from the truth. If you lock down too early, you don’t flatten the curve, you push the curve farther to the right and delay the curve — unless you do a moderate lock down that began too early and keep it for about four months. This is what California wants to do, and we will not have an economy to open after four months. But, our governor doesn’t understand that as he is a shut down fiend!

3. No lock down
If the elderly stay at home and the rest of humanity goes about their business, the death rate will not be that bad. Sweden has proven this. People under 70 in good health are not the ones dying so there is no point in quarantining them for nothing.

4. Accelerated Covid, a novel idea for a novel virus.
What if people under 40 in good health went to street parties and spread the disease as fast as they could while the elderly stayed safe at home? They would develop immunity really fast. Instead of flattening the curve, they would steepen the curve. The advantage is that this whole nightmare would be over a lot faster. Yes, hospitals might be overloaded for two weeks, but after that, the elderly would be able to leave their apartments without the fear of death.

My personal opinion is that Covid19 is a plague from God and we need to just face it and let it take its course. You can’t stop God’s work. Just deal with it. All of these lockdowns are basically like bad teenagers hiding from their parents to avoid a punishment. After they come out of hiding whether that is 1 hour or 10 days, they will still get the punishment. Hiding accomplishes nothing other than a lots of wasted time.


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  1. I was one of the people who did not observe lock down in the early stages because notaries provide an essential service. I felt the risk of contracting the disease was limited as there are precautionary measures that can be taken, such as wearing masks, signing outdoors, using hand sanitizer, even the handling of the documents. I stopped taking signings even though I’m not over 70 because I am high risk and so is my mother whom I take care of. Yes, it is popular to think of herd immunity however it is mistaken to think the virus is fully developed. There are long-term effects that will shorten the lives of even the young people that survive exposure. Death has visited very young children, teenagers and otherwise healthy adults. All victims will not be spared with or without a lockdown, it is really about buying time until a vaccine can be developed and keeping the pipeline in the hospital manageable. If you do not know someone who has survived COVID-19, read the testimonials. It is debilitating. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone just so I can go to the movies again.

    Comment by Keaton Notary — August 27, 2020 @ 11:03 pm

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