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July 17, 2020

Notes – what have you done lately?

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Sorry for sounding like Janet Jackson, but your notes section really needs to reflect what you have done lately. Sure it’s good to talk about your MBA and your twenty years of business related experience. Many people use the strategy of keeping people in the dark who are reading their notes and flooring them with vague information that gives them no insight into what they actually did such as, “I am a former business owner and ran three business over the last twenty years.” Guaranteed not to get you clicks, but at least you wrote something.

But, what types of signings have you done lately? Any noteworthy experiences? Did you teach their parrot how to administer an Oath? Did you teach their cat how to paw print? Perhaps you took a new notary course that you want to talk about. Maybe you changed your hours. Your total number of loans signed usually doesn’t go down, although I’ve seen the recorded amount go down many times.

Figure out what is new that stands out in your career and figure out how to add it to your tired and old sounding notes section. Most people need to freshen up their notes and add more content. Very few people could be criticized for having too much content. But, if you have the equivalent of three or more full pages (if it were 8.5 x 11) of notes, that might be too much. You are writing a notes section and not a biography.


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