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April 22, 2020

The Coronavirus and its spread in America vs. The Common Flu

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For those of you who do not know, as of January and February 2020 there is a deadly novel adaptation of Coronavirus that is spreading around the world. The death rate from this disease is about 2% and it kills mainly the elderly and those with respiratory diseases or vulnerabilities. If you ask me, this disease should be convicted of elder abuse and I will be contacting the court of viruses after this is over.

The epicenter of this virus is in Hubei province in China and roughly 95% of the deaths as of Feb 5 2020 have been in that province. However, it has spread all over China with currently about 24,000 reported infections and 500 deaths. The number of infections seems to climb currently at about 19% per day and perhaps that rate will slow down as there are more safety measures and quarantines in place. There are also some cases in other countries around the world.

There are currently 11 cases in the USA as of Feb 5th 2020 (subject to change quickly). The disease can easily multiply by 250 in the period of a month if there are no safety measures or lock downs in place. So, those 11 cases could become 2500 cases by march 5th and we could have a full-blown epidemic by early April.

One interesting note is that during the SARS outbreak, only 1000 people died worldwide from SARS that year while 650,000 people died of the flu in the same year. However, the news spent more time talking about SARS than the common cold or flu and sensationalized it simply because it was dangerous, unusual, scary and appealed to our sense of emotional reactivity.

What would happen if there were an epidemic in the USA? Would cities get shut down? Would casinos, public transportation, schools, courts, and other businesses get shut down for a month or more? It might make sense to stock up on canned food now, because if you wait until it is too late, the stores may be out of supplies. Also, face masks are a good thing to buy now as they will sell fast.

Personally, I have watched what has happened in China for the last few years. The government went from being very business-minded to being very heavy handed about many things. Perhaps this disease is God’s way of saying that the current dynasty is about to change. In Chinese history, there is something called the mandate of heaven. When God wants a change of dynasties, there are always a sequence of huge disasters. China had a huge problem in Xin Jiang, Hong Kong, the pig flu where half of all pigs in China died, and now the Coronavirus. That is four disasters in a row although the first two were human creations. Perhaps God thinks that the methodology of the current administration is not as good as some other option that God is cooking up. I have no opinion on this matter but am very interested to see what happens.

I will end this somber article with an inexpensive pun and joke. The Chinese language has many synonyms — or if you want to make a linguistic pun: Sino-nyms since we are talking about China. The word “Wu-han” in Chinese is a city in Hubei, but also means “no sweat” or an absense of perspiration.” So, the joke is:

Q. What type of disease will cause you to die without perspiring a drop of sweat?
A. The Wu-Han Virus!


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