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January 29, 2020

Do everything yet have nothing to talk about?

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I have notice two definitive types of people.

1. Those who do everything yet have nothing to talk about.
2. Those who do nothing yet have everything to talk about.

Some people who rarely leave the house and never leave town have
endless interesting conversation to make. While others who have been
to many different countries and have done many interesting activities,
tried hundreds of foods – cannot describe their activities and don’t
even tried.

I am baffled and flabbergasted that people can be so different. And
then there are people like Anthony Bourdain who went everywhere, did
everything and could describe it all artistically with poetic nuances.
Why did he have to commit suicide — he was my favorite guy!

Unfortunately for me, I want our notaries to tell me fun stories that
I can publish to make the blog more interesting. Many of you have done
thousands of signings, but do you have hundreds of stories? If you
have juicy ones, tell us!


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