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January 26, 2020

Tired of being the bigger man?

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This sounds like a Seinfeld topic. Are you tired of always being the bigger man and giving into others. Apologizing when you did nothing wrong. Being flexible when others are jerking you around? When do you draw the line and stop being the bigger man? Or do you just go on a diet so you will no longer be bigger?

Why do I always have to be the bigger man? Why can’t someone else for a change? Why do I have to call someone back when it is convenient for them? What about what is convenient for me? I’m tired of being the bigger man. From now on, it’s all about me.

But, as a Notary, you have to accommodate difficult clients. Unless you have so many clients you can pick and choose, you have to be the bigger man. Once you have more people who want you than there is hours free in your schedule, then they have to be the bigger man or get cut. I guess in the notary business it is just a question of supply and demand.


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