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January 22, 2020

The Notary with Cleavage

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Yes, this is a true story. I did not meet the notary myself. But, someone on my directory did. The person on my directory needed to be notarized. And as you know, a notary cannot notarize themselves even if they have dual personality disorder, or rather, especially if they have a multiple personality disorder (they should put that one in the handbook — I’ll write to the Sec of State.)

There is a Notary who is very busy who goes to appointments showing lots of cleavage. She hands out a black and pink business card at the end of appointments. I wonder if she bends over in front of the client while affixing her stamp.

I’m not sure if this is a good business strategy or not. I think if you have mortgage company clients, they might complain if you are too sexy. We had a complaint about one of our clients up North who wore her disco outfit to a signing. But, for what Carmen and I call, “General notary work” where you just notarize a document or two for an individual, this dress code might be okay, especially if you have male clients.

I remember fifteen years ago we had a sixty year old client who promoted herself by saying, “Call me if you want a beautiful blond to notarize you.” I guess at sixty, some ladies still got it.


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