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January 21, 2020

How much is it worth to have choices of clients?

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Most Notaries stop advertising as much when they have enough clients.
Other Notaries complain that they don’t attract the good clients or
that it takes too long to get paid. Most of the misery that Notaries
go through are due to the fact that they have mostly lousy clients.
The two main reasons why they have horrible clients is:

1. They are inexperienced Notaries lacking refinement and knowledge.
2. They don’t market themselves enough to pick and choose their clients

There are fixes to both of these maladies. If you lack refinement,
make it your purpose to master every step of the mobile notary
business. Take more courses, and master the materials. 123notary has
free and paid courses for signing agent knowledge by the way. The fix
for marketing is to spend more on advertising. If you get a higher
spot on 123notary (and it’s not free) and advertise in more counties
on 123notary, and also on other directories, you attract more calls.
It is like fishing – if you have a wider net, you attract more fish.
If you are going to throw back the fish you don’t like, you will still
have enough fish left over if your net is big enough.

Having more choices of clients means the following.
1. Getting paid more
2. Getting paid faster
3. Being treated with more respect and appreciation.
4. Perhaps less fax backs and shorter packages

From my point of view, for a full-time mobile notary, having choices
and better clients might be worth $1000 or more per month and perhaps
$15,000 or more per year. How much of that would you put into
advertising? In my opinion, at least 10% makes sense to have the
luxury of clients you absolutely love.

Mastering your game is another way to get good clients. Carmen is the
best Notary I know. She is smooth, knowledgeable and refined through
every step of the process. People offer her $175 to $300 per signing
because they know they are in good hands with her. If the rest of you
guys could try to have the same poise and savoir faire that she does,
you might see your paycheck going up. On the other hand if you don’t
study to up your notary knowledge because you, “don’t need to” or
“already know everything” then I guess there is no room for

But, the rewards for improving yourself are fantastic. If you make
less than $125 per signing, then there is a lot of room for
improvement because Carmen wouldn’t even go down the street for that
price. Think about it.


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