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January 12, 2020

A Starbucks signing with two deaf girls

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A Notary wanted to meet clients at Starbucks for a caffeinated signing. I guess the Notary didn’t want to go to their messy home. The Notary showed up early, the signers showed up late, and the signing was uneventful.

But, at the next table over, there were two black girls who were deaf, and a white guy who could “speak” sign language, but could also speak verbally. Girl #1 moved her hands around to express a thought. Girl #2 opened her mouth in shock. The Notary who saw the whole thing asked the speaking guy what deaf girl #1 had just said. The speaking guy translated the sign language used to mean, “Girl, you sign like a white girl.”

Then the Notary asked if there was a black way of signing and the speaking guy shrugged and said he didn’t know, although he found the situation very comical. I bet Oprah would find it interesting too!

JOKE: What language do signings agents speak? Sign language!


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