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January 9, 2020

People impostering 123notary. What can I do?

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There are a few people pretending to be 123notary. Sometimes they try to sell you something or get information. When I call notaries after they have been bothered by imposters, they don’t want to give me information because they are afraid I will ask for money too. Since when am I responsible for what some strangers do, and what can I possible do to stop these rascals? I inform them that I never asked for money and that it was you.. the notary who brought the issue of money up, not me. But, some Notaries just like to be difficult and I end up removing them for being jerks.

Even if some rascals bother you, you still have to be nice when legitimate calls come in or you get into trouble and lose your free listing, not that you care. But, some free listings generate a lot of business so you should care.

If you are in doubt as to the legitimacy of a potential scam caller, email us at info@123notary.com to see if the person is legit. We sometimes hire girls to do calls for us. However, we do not have new girls ask for money. If we have Wendy or Adine call you, they will refer you to Carmen (who you all know or at least should know) to process the transaction as a general rule.

Verify sources and don’t give money to strangers. Check people out if you don’t know them.


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