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November 9, 2019

Outer space society tries to eliminate Notaries

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There was a society in outer space that strove to be the best community they could be. They experimented with freedom of speech repression kind of the way some social media channels do these days. They experimented with killing all criminals, but ended up eliminating most of the population for small offences. Then, they tried to figure out who the most unsuitable members of society were — and those were deemed to be Notaries. But, how would they get rid of these Notaries or figure out which ones were bad?

The society beamed Jeremy up into space (that’s me by the way) and had him test all the Notaries. After testing many people, he informed the leadership that there was a bad problem and said, “You don’t understand the gravity of the situation.” They said, “That’s right because we don’t have gravity here.” And then Jeremy said, “No wonder I see Notary seals floating around.”

After more careful thought, Jeremy decided that the problem was there were too many Notaries above the age of 320 and that people might get better service if the younger Notaries would do most of the work. So, the government implemented an idea that anyone over the age of 250 who was a Notary would be neutralized as they would no longer be valuable to society. After that, society went back to normal again and the bad Notaries had mostly been weeded out. Additionally, the length of validity of the intergallactic ID cards was extended to 180 light years, and must by law have a photo that includes your full antennas and those with only a partial view of their antennas would have to be issued a new ID with a new photo.

So, Jeremy went back to his planet. Although he was only on Quazar for one week, it was a month later when he came back to earth due to the time-space continuum. Jeremy’s only regret was that he missed a critical opportunity to go to Luke’s spaceburgers near Tatooine and that there was no Starbucks on Quazar. So much for the name “Star” bucks.

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