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November 2, 2019

Password protected notary journal?

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One of our Notaries wrote a comment to a blog entry I wrote about keeping journals under lock and key. The comment was — why not have a journal that is password protected?

A good Notary (not that I am judging) keeps thumbprints of signers in their journal. Although this is a good practice, you don’t want those pieces of biometric data in the wrong hands — you don’t want the right thumbs in the wrong hands basically. So, password protection makes a lot of sense. Perhaps having GPS tracking in journals also makes sense just in case they get stolen. Hmm.

And also, what do you do with your “used” journals? Do you keep your completely filled out older journals in your closet? Is this safe? Should there be a secured location to keep them in the mean time before you retire and drop them off at your county clerk or secretary of state? An interesting thought. Your opinions?

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