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September 29, 2019

Does the Notary have the right to be rude?

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As a Notary, you will have people pulling and pushing you from both ends. It is a lot to handle. Plus accompanied by non-paying clients, bad road conditions, animals harassing you, and endless cancellations, it can get to be too much. In my job, if I am on phones all day long, I have to deal with dozens of rude people per day and it can really get to me, and that is why I can sometimes be snippy. I also have to extract answers to simple questions and 90% of the time get the run around which really drains my patience after the first 200 calls. But, I digress.

Basically, there is no right or wrong. But, if you are rude to a client, they can write a complaint about you. If it is your first complaint and you have a good track record, I often keep the complaint private. But, if you get regular complaints, you might get into a bit of trouble at 123notary and I will publish the complaints.

None of us are perfect, and the stress of the daily nonsense doing Notary work adds up. If the stress gets too much, it is easy to be rude. But, think about it. Being rude can get you fired, or written up. Is it worth it? In my opinion, if you value the client, then no. It is a better policy to be like the folks at banks and try to be polite no matter how crazy the other party is. They also get bad karma from being jerks, so just realize that they are not off the hook being rude to you in the long run.

Additionally, people will treat you like you are the bad guy when you have done nothing wrong. Just try to roll with this as it is just part of people being unreasonable which is the norm these days. Of course, dealing with unreasonable mean people can just add up and get to you no matter how patient you are. Just do your best.

Try to just ignore other people’s bad behavior and just politely do your job. It is hard, but it is a good habit to get into. Turn the other cheek and take the high road.

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  1. Good writing. However, I’m retired and am doing this for something to do after being an engineer for the last 40 years. Engineers are not allowed to talk to customers because we have a tendency to tell the truth. That being said, I will tell the truth to a client as long as it is within my area of being a notary. My job with relation to the client: confirm meeting, put on notary clothes, be on time, check ID, state purpose of each document not an explanation, POINT TO WHERE THEY SIGN, tell them what signature is required, notarize or otherwise complete notary docs, stack documents, send docs to appropriate place. I did not include detailed work like checking the docs three or four times before leaving. What I do not do: lie to them. Biggest lie is telling them that I am late because the docs were late getting to me in order to print. I have walked out of two signings because they were rude to me. I told one fellow to shut up, put his ass in the chair and sign. We parted friends. Turns out the behavior of a notary is situational, like you wrote.

    Comment by Mike Holden — November 8, 2019 @ 3:28 pm

  2. In my last two years of notary work I have completed at least 2,000 signings and have had only one cancelled due to the signer’s being upset about scheduling her appointment. She thought that I would have control over when the documents are ready. It was a misunderstanding and she wanted to sign a day earlier than the documents would be ready. She ‘fired’ me with the LO on the other end in a three-way. I sensed that the LO was looking for someone else to take the heat and I was the most expendable. The scheduling company that booked me actually apologized to me for the signer’s behavior. That was kind of them but it wasn’t their fault either. I have worked with people who are being forced to sell their property, are ill or are in financial difficulties. Some are mad that you have been delayed and they had to postpone their dinner. Some signers are angry or easily triggered into aggressive behavior by stress. I have not left a signing yet, however I can see where a notary would be tempted to. So far, I have never, once been rude.

    Comment by Keaton Notary — November 8, 2019 @ 4:23 pm

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