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September 5, 2019

Would you accept a notary signing without a confirmation?

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One Notary on NR asks the crowd if they would accept a signing without a confirmation? The fact is that without a confirmation, you don’t know what you are getting paid. On the other hand, the notary payment information might be on the HUD or 1003 or other document. That leads me to another point.

If the notary doesn’t get paid after the job is complete, but the fees are documented on the HUD, does that constitute Mortgage fraud since they cheated you based on what was typed in a formal Mortgage document? Hmmm. But, I digress.

Even if there is a confirmation, the actual confirmation doesn’t guarantee you will get paid. However, it has the names and the address, loan number and other pertinent information.

Back in my day (boy am I sounding old) I used to have a lady who would just ship me documents and I would schedule them on my own. The problem is that those would arrive as a surprise and I had no idea they were coming. I guess she trusted me. Maybe she was busy. I got them signed fast and they paid okay.

As a general rule it is better and more professional to have a confirmation. However, the bigger issue is to trust the company you are working for. And trust is a result of keeping very good records on everyone you work for especially issues such as: Do they pay on time, do they jerk you around, do they lie, and do their incidents of cancellations compared to completed jobs (ratio). That way you can compare the various companies and see which ones are schmucks!

If it is a new company hiring you, I would be more adamant about formalities. But, with a company you trust it is less critical. On the other hand when someone asks you to visit them at a hospital for a signing, they do not give a written confirmation, but you would still go out, correct?

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  1. Nope. I sleep with a lawyer, so I get EVERYTHING in writing. I DO sometimes have companies that tell me to go to the signing even IF I cannot reach the signers for confirmation.

    Comment by betty — September 23, 2019 @ 7:43 pm

  2. If or any reason you were not paid….without a confirmation …how the heck could you prove they owned you for services completed.. It is just good practice to get a confirmation even from those companies you’ve worked for awhile…

    Comment by A.C. Dye — December 18, 2019 @ 8:49 pm

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