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May 10, 2019

Lessons Learned from 10+ Years in Investment Banking and How I Used That to Start My Notary Services Business

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Lessons Learned from 10+ Years in Investment Banking and How I Used That to Start My Notary Services Business.

Working at a prestigious investment bank in the mortgage sector seemed to be the role that I would continue with until retirement. That’s the way it was in that industry, each role was extremely competitive and once you finally received a full-time job at a well- known firm, it all seemed to be smooth sailing after that. We had used mobile notaries all of the time at my role with the bank and it never even crossed my mind that I’d end up running my own business in this space.

After 12 years with the bank, I felt that I had accomplished all that I had wanted to and that it was time for a new challenge. It wasn’t until I had my own bad experience with a mobile notary that I realized that I can definitely improve upon that and that no customer should feel that rushed/stressed out in an already difficult situation. After completing a refinance on my home, we had a notary come to help with the closing documents. The best ways to describe the experience would be disorganized, rushed, and overall just frustrating. That was when it clicked – I’ve seen this before time and time again from other mobile notaries.

I did the research and learned exactly what I would need to do to start my own business and obtain the proper licensing in the notary services field. It wasn’t easy to leave such a safe job and at such a prestigious firm, but I knew I could greatly add value to the customers I would work with and I would guarantee that none of my notary services clients would ever get that awful experience I had seen time and time again.

What are some of the main lessons that I took away and have helped me continue to grow my mobile notary firm here in the Phoenix, AZ area? First of all, I saw the stress and the anxiety that went into the moments that mobile notaries were needed. These major milestones should not be treated lightly. When done correctly and when treating clients with patience and the respect that they deserve, it’s an amazing experience to be a part of putting their minds at ease. To be a part of that excitement when someone purchases their first home and need to finalize all of the documents to the difficult times when someone needs to notarize a medical power of attorney for a loved one. It is our responsibility to be professional and caring. I see this as the most important principle, and this is what continues to lead my business to be able to help add value in more people’s lives.

Secondly, I saw the importance of being precise and timely in the notary services field.
The difference between a successful and unsuccessful house closing or refinancing can come down to issues with the paperwork at the last minute. It is a notary’s key role to be able to prevent fraud and other issues that may come up as an added layer of security for both parties involved in a transaction. In a world where scammers and fraud run rampant, adding in an unbiased third party can be a huge value add to the whole process of various legal documentation signings.

Finally, and this lesson learned applied to every job and role that I’ve had at various companies – go above and beyond for your clients or your colleagues and you will see that level of trust and respect pay off throughout your career. One of the main reasons why I run my business with the flexibility to work on weekends and other hours that the competition will not is that I know that unexpected issues always come up and it’s my duty to be there for my clients when they need me. It’s not uncommon to have to drop everything I’m working on and rush over to help a client out with their loan signing needs, as they’ve come to expect that level of service from my business.

Although it was intimidating at first and doubts came up, leaving the investment banking world behind was one of the best decisions that I’ve made in my life. Instead of being bound by processes and procedures, I now have the flexibility and freedom to run my business the way that I know offers the most value to my clients. Leveraging the 12+ years of experiencing in the mortgage field really helped me see the huge opportunity that there was in the notary services space and I’m excited to continue to grow my business and help those in the Phoenix area.

Shannon Winter is the Owner of Shannon’s Notary Services
(https://shannonsnotaryservices.comhttps://shannonsnotaryservices.comhttps://shannonsnotaryservices.com/) and helps clients in the Phoenix metro area with all of their loan signing needs.

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  1. Hello great articles, my hotmail isn’t pulling up your entire email I had to forward to my Yahoo account, can you sent your emails to my yahoo acc., everything is exactly the same in my Yahoo address? Thank you

    Comment by Jackie Brown — June 24, 2019 @ 2:26 pm

  2. This line, “I saw the stress and the anxiety that went into the moments that mobile notaries were needed.” ExACTLY!!! We ALL TOO OFTEN have to wait for hours for the final packages, then expected to print and RUN!!! to get to the appointment on time. I believe in communication, and I do not believe that it is unprofessional to call the signers to tell them I could not be time bc of this. This is not my opinion, just facts, and I go through my printouts to be sure that every page is there before I leave. I refuse to rush to any signing. I have, in 6 1/2 years, been expecdted to rush through checking–don’t count on your printer to be error free, or you have to change a tone–rush to an appointment, and rush through checking to meet shipment cutoff. I do signings in a rural area of the state. Our latest cutoff (UPS) is 7:30PM, no 24/7 service, and MANY communities close by have neither a UPS Store, or Fedex Shipping, or even drop boxes, so have had to drive BACK an hour or more to drop the documents. I am NOT SHY about reminding vendors/title companies of this, and I often (now) tell them that the documents will not drop until the next evening. WE, the NSA’s are the people that have to train the signers. They often miss signing on the correct line, so flagging is the best way to keep them from doing this, and THAT takes time. Signers get into a grove and we have to watch that they do not date where the document doesn’t ask for it, and many people initial in cursive, so we also have to watch that they print. Sometimes we have to pry their pens away so that the documents are all signed with the same pen (and we provide the pens, too.) We are expected to enter EVERY notarial act in our journals, expected to take fingerprints, and the signatures, and make sure that they are prepared with 2 ID’s, just in case their Primary ID has expired, which has also happened in my experience. This is a rant, not a complaint. Many vendors/title companies/lenders do not realize the detail that is expected takes time. I can do 3 signings in one day, BUT, I have to have documents the day before for all of them, AND, I have to put 4 hours in between the signings to get them signed on time. ALL OF THIS, for part time pay.

    Comment by betty — July 10, 2019 @ 7:05 pm

  3. Jeremy, I very much enjoyed your biographical article here. I share your concerns and passion for outstanding mobile notary service. Your 123Notary site is outstanding in every way, and you and Carmen provide lessons, assistance, and valuable information every single day. Thank you for being so thorough, precise, and timely. Penny – Georgia Mobile Notary

    Comment by Penny Henritze — July 25, 2019 @ 2:35 pm

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