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August 1, 2019

Notarizing a Won’t

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Have you ever notarized a Will? Well what about a Won’t? It is generally advised that you get written instructions for notarizing a Will as there might be negative side effects from doing so. However, what about a Won’t? What is a Won’t, and why would you (or wouldn’t you) sign one?

A Won’t
A Won’t is a document that says what you are unwilling to do. It is a favorite of cleaning ladies who say that they don’t do windows or that they Won’t do windows. Then there are hotel staff who won’t clean rooms and then wonder why their salary is a lot lower since the owner has to come at 2am to clean rooms as there is nobody on staff at that hour who can do it. And then there are Notaries who cannot and will not study to learn to be a better Notary since they think they already know it all. There are many reasons why you might sign a Won’t. But, this is what happened when one of our Notaries on file was at a Won’t signing.

NOTARY: Won’t you sign this Won’t for us?

SIGNER: Where do I sign, or should I say, where do I refuse to sign?

NOTARY: Right here.

SIGNER: Glad to know. Because after that I’m going to a Wedding where someone is waiting to say, “I don’t”

NOTARY: What’s the point?

SIGNER: It’s kind of a Seinfeldian “Un-wedding.”

NOTARY: With this ring I thee un-wed…, that kind of a thing.

SIGNER: You’re catching on man.

NOTARY: So, will you sign the Won’t right here?

SIGNER: Oh, do I owe you a travel fee.

NOTARY: $40 plus zero signatures at a rate of $15 per signature.

SIGNER: That sounds very reasonable. Here you go. Spend it wisely.

NOTARY: I mean I will, I mean I won’t…

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