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July 17, 2019

Notary fortune cookie

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I can imagine if there were a Chinese restaurant run by a Notary, in addition to having a lot of dishes with squid ink, there could be interesting messages in fortune cookies.

“Don’t quit business over stolen FedEx.”

That one is good. I had a client whose FedEx package got stolen. She wanted to quit, but I told her that stuff happens and you have to keep on keeping on.

“He who notarize without proper ID not have commission long.”

I know I know… just ask for another ID.

“Do not backdate unless have good time machine.”

Don’t try that one at home.

“Chinese philosophers need Notary too: Confucious, Mencious and Facetious.” That last philosopher doesn’t exist in real life — I was just being facetious.

“You will inherit many customer soon after you upgrade advertising.”

“Your dual tray printer will have long life — but, still invest in good warranty just in case.”

“Chinese notary tip – Notarize for your girlfriend so you can see her ID and find out her real age.”

Notary Happy days goes to China

You know you’re a Notary when…


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