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June 20, 2019

When are you at your best mentally?

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Many Notaries complained about me in blog comments. They complained about me trying to test them at 8:30pm when they were not at their best mentally. I call late because I am not awake in the morning due to a sleep disorder, plus most of you are on other coasts which compounds the problem. Yet, I survive somehow.

The fact is that to pass my test you have to know something, and if you know it, then you know it, and that is all there is to it. The real problem is that you don’t know your stuff and don’t want to embarrass yourself during your low brain function hour. I want you to know your stuff so well you can spout it off in your sleep, so 8:30pm seems like an optimal time to call as you are probably half way to being asleep.

But, when are people at their best mentally? For me, 10pm at night I am quite clear. And I like to meditate around 2am because the atmosphere is more transparent and clear. That way I can be at one with the universe… and perhaps the galaxy too. I cannot do intellectually challenging tasks too early on. My concentration just isn’t there. 7pm is the earliest I can do anything cerebrally demanding.

But, what about you guys (ewe’s guys), when are you at your best mentally? And if I tested you earlier in the day, do you think that would make a difference? (and do you think actually knowing the answers might possibly help as well?)


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