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June 27, 2019

Old enough to vote, but not old enough to accompany mom to a signing?

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I’m sure you have read the blog article about bringing your three year old or twelve year old to the signing. Well, after reading some commentary on my blog, I heard about a lady who brought a twenty-one year old to a signing and lived to regret it.

She brought her 21 year old son to the door. She asked permission to the home-owners if the young man could come in, sit and watch television. The son was very mature, quiet, well behaved and did not disturb the signing in any way. The Notary completed the signing, left, and then the signers proceeded to call the signing company and complain.

FYI. Borrowers have the same psychology as women. They say, “Oh, that’s okay” when you ask if it would be okay for you to do some particular thing which you are not sure about. And then after the fact they say, “How could you do that?” Being civil and asking permission and getting approval works in the corporate world and with men, but not with borrowers. So, get that through your head. But, it’s not their fault. Borrowers have chromosomes that are a little different which cause them to react to things differently. you understand, right?


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