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February 24, 2019

Can you become a Notary if you have a felony conviction?

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Can you become a Notary Public if you have a felony conviction?

As a general rule — no. However, if your state is liberal, and your crime was not of a nature involving moral turpitude or corruption, you might be given a chance. If you have a misdemeanor, you still might be denied a Notary commission, especially if your crime involved fraud, dishonesty or misconduct. People issuing Notary commissions are extremely cautious about issuing commissions to those who are not honest and those who are likely to commit fraud with their notary commission.

The reason for this caution is that if a Notary commits fraud, they might try to embezzle money or steal the title to someone’s house using their notary commission. This typically ends in long court cases, ten year jail sentences and the grief and complaints end up back at the agency who commissioned them in the first place. Although most Notaries are not the most honest people in town, at least they are not career criminals, and the various state’s secretary of states hope to keep it that way.


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