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December 10, 2018

Banking Power of Attorney Form

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Please be advised that you should consult an Attorney and your bank before attempting to get a Banking Power of Attorney Form drafted or notarized. Many banks have their own form and require the use of their own form. If you do not comply with all of the regulations of your bank, you may find that your power of attorney is rendered powerless and is reduced to being just a piece of paper. Also be advised that the powers granted to the Attorney in Fact may be limited and may or may not include online banking or other privileges.

How do I get a banking power of attorney notarized?
Just find a Notary on 123notary, and they can come to your home, office, jail cell or hospital to get your power of attorney notarized. They will charge you a mobile fee as well. Please make sure the signer has a valid and current government issued photo identification card.

Where can I get a banking power of attorney notarized?
You can also go to your local bank to get your banking power of attorney notarized.

Can the Notary explain the banking power of attorney to me?
Notaries may not draft or explain legal documents unless they are specifically authorized to do so by also being an Attorney or perhaps in a legal profession that authorizes them to do so. Please ask an Attorney all your questions and just have the Notary notarize.

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