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October 19, 2018

The pro choice movement in the Notary industry

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Notaries are so pro choice these days that they can’t even do their job. I asked a question where the notary was asked, under a particular situation, which type of notary act could you do? The answer typically given by notaries who don’t know their job was that the Notary could not choose the act for the client. I never asked them to choose, only to identify which act would be legal in their state. That is very different. It seems that Notaries are so pro-choice that they cannot see straight.

But, should a signer have the right to abort their notarization, after the right to rescission is in the second quarter or trimester? Would that even be moral? Personally, I think that the signer should have the right to choose, unless they are a man. In America, men aren’t allowed equal rights. The woman has the right to choose, and the man has the responsibility to pay. I think this should be reversed, after all it is part of the man’s body involved in the pregnancy, even if it is a microscopic excretion, right?

Maybe there needs to be a Federal Court case to determine whether or not the signer should have the right to choose. But, how do you decide of the notarization is a fully independent life form? Does it even matter? Christian Notaries are very against the right to abort a Notarization. But, if you look at the situation from alternate points of view, that is exactly why society has so many fatherless documents running around with no guidance causing routine disruptions to society, court cases, and even murder.

Is it worth it to save the life of a document, even though statistically that document might take the life of another? I guess these questions are far too deep for me to ponder.

Next thing you know, thousands of female Notaries will be marching the streets of Washington DC demanding new legislation that will protect female signers right to choose anything from pen color, which notary act to use, and the right to abort a botched notarization. You will hear about the pro choice movement in Notary newsletters throughout the land, and in conversations in forums everywhere. The movement will breed controversy between men and women, liberals and conservatives, parents and their children. On the other hand, it isn’t the 60′ anymore, so maybe people will stick to knocking down statues of our nation’s not so equal heritage instead.

In any case, next time you need another fellow notary, ask them if they are pro choice.


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