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October 22, 2018

Psycho people I find doing welcome calls

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Thank God I have a new iphone is all I can say. When I do welcome calls, normally I get people who don’t answer their phone or who have trouble giving straight answers to questions.

ME: How many loans have you signed?

NOTARY: Well, I used to be a banker.

ME: Thanks, but I am filling in a form with room for numbers and not sentences. Once again, how many loans have you signed?

NOTARY: Hmm, I’ve been doing this for 15 years.

ME: Once again, I cannot use this information.

If you were hiring a Notary, would you want one who gives straight answers to questions or one who makes you ask the same thing four times and makes you drag the answer out of them?

But, once in a while I get some angry people or even psycho people. I once had a crazy black guy in Michican call me and text me with threatening messages for four days. He sent more than 200 texts or calls. I could not block him because I had old technology. The Michigan police said they would help me, but I had to contact Los Angeles police and get a report from them. LAPD was unwilling to help me as this was too petty for them. I was a victim of terrorism and the police couldn’t care less. Typical. I have to pay taxes to them but they don’t have to serve or protect me. When I did jury duty, the case was for LAPD, and the prosecuting attorney asked me if I had any prejudices against LAPD and I told them multiple examples of how useless LAPD was whenever I needed them.

But, this time I got a psycho lady from Miami who was trlingual in English, Spanish and insanity. She called me back twelve times to ask me why I had called her. I told her she was disrupting my outgoing calls and not to call me anymore, but she would not stop. With my new iPhone I was able to block her. I announce why I am calling people at the beginning of all calls, but some people don’t listen apparently.

In any case, part of why I do welcome calls is to identify the smart people from the mediocre from the insane, and I found a few of each in today’s call list.


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