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March 30, 2019

Jersey Shores Notary

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A Notary was asked to notarize on camera in Jersey Shores. One of the girls decided to get a Notary Tattoo on her rear end, and wanted to have it notarized. So after a one hour drive in traffic, the Notary finally got to the set. The girl showed the Notary her tattoo of a Notary seal. The Notary said that he could not notarize a tattoo, but only a signature.

So, the girl had to call the tattoo artist and have a signature tattooed once again on her rear end. But, the Notary said, “Stop, you need the signature to be on a document.” So, the girl said, “No problem, I’ll have him create a document on my rear end.”

This girl’s rear end wasn’t big enough for much of a document. Perhaps one of those banking power of attorney documents because those are on card stock and smaller. But, not a full size document, and definitely not a legal document.

GIRL: Don’t worry, there’s nothing legal about my tush.

NOTARY: Alright already. Let’s get on with this. So, what am I doing?

GIRL: You’re going to notarize my tattoo.

NOTARY: I can notarize a statement about your tattoo, but not the tattoo.

GIRL: God, you’re just like all the other Notaries.

NOTARY: Yeah, that’s because we are governed by the same laws. Maybe you should find a notary who doesn’t follow the law.

GIRL: But, wouldn’t that be (pause) illegal?

NOTARY: Duh!!! But, since you have a notary seal on your tuchus, why not notarize something yourself using that seal.

GIRL: Now you’re talking!

So, another afternoon at Jersey Shores takes place. Luckily for the Notary, the girl was not the one responsible for paying him. He got cash from a director, and was off on his way.

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