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January 3, 2019

One Notary on NR wants to be treated like a professional

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One Notary I read about on Notary Rotary thinks that having continuing education and being retested every year or two is the same as not being treated like a professional. I beg to differ. I have a colleague who is an accountant, therapist, pre-natal trauma expert, and has other skills as well. In all of his professions he needs to take courses, past tests, be reviewed, etc. My housemate works at H&R Block and every year she has many courses to take — not just one. It takes her months to get through all of it.

People in professions routinely are scrutinized, have to take courses, pass long examinations, and more. That is normal and part of being “treated like a professional.” If you think that being asked to brush up on your skills is not treating you like a professional, the problem is that YOU are not treating yourself as a professional and you are not treating your profession like a profession.

Can you imagine if you went to doctors who had out of date equipment, out of date knowledge, perhaps made a misdiagnosis because they got senile and nobody checked up on them. Or they didn’t read up on some new drug findings and gave you some medications that had been found to be toxic or deadly? There are many reasons why people need to study up a bit each year.

NNA makes people recertify. They have the corner on the certification market and people think they are God, so people do it.

123notary is quizzing people from time to time on an “as necessary” basis. Since we have a much lower status than God, (we are not even treated like a prophet or messenger of God.) people do not value our certification — so we took it away from more than a thousand individuals. Studying a little is not hard, and you need to know this basic information anyway to be a safe Notary.

Many of the older Notaries have gone senile, and developed cranky attitudes in their old age and are not delivering the same top notch service they did when they were younger. In Japan, age is considered a merit. In America, merit is the only merit that we care about.

I am getting old and cranky too because it is so difficult dealing with most people. So, I understand your frustration. But, understand mine. I need to have an accurate assessment of everyone’s knowledge and reliability, and that comes from keeping a track record and quizzing you from time to time like you would test a professional.

Perhaps I need to have a more formal test and formal ways of informing people when the test will be.



  1. I believe that having to do a background check annually is too much…we should be able to provide it for two years as we had done in the past….unless there was a whole lot of criminal activity going rampant I am not sure why that requirement was change to annually?

    Comment by A.C. Dye — February 13, 2019 @ 6:14 pm

  2. H&R Block requires only about 20 hours of continuing education each year. Doctors, lawyers & CPA’s all need continuing education to maintain their status.

    Comment by Stuart Goldstein — February 13, 2019 @ 7:50 pm

  3. Being professional means proving your knowledge to the highest of standards regularly. Why do these Notaries think they are special to get out of this scrutinizing?

    Comment by admin — March 28, 2019 @ 2:02 am

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