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September 24, 2018

Want to stay in shape as a Notary? Try Notar-cizing

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What is Notar-cizing? It is a way Notaries can get their exercise in. They can read the Secretary of State’s handbook over and over while jogging in place. They can practice lifting their seal up and down. Or they can staple certificates to documents again and again. It sounds kind of lame and insane, actually, but many Notaries claim they have lost weight doing these exercises.

Another suggestion is to answer Notary questions while walking. You could have your friend call you while you are doing your daily five miles and think your way through dozens of Notary questions.

If you really want to get in shape, job down to the Secretary of State’s office in your state capitol. You will be just like Forrest Gump jogging day after day. If that doesn’t get you slim, then it’s time for a visit to the Notary gym.


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