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August 18, 2018

The Difference between Heaven and Hell

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The religious leader (RL) died a peaceful death. It matters not the gender nor the specific religious belief of the RL. The RL was surrounded by adoring friends and family until the end. Knowing death was moments away, the RL asked the Lord to grant the only request made in a life of devotion and sacrifice. With dying breath the RL asked God that to know the difference between an afterlife of damnation and one of reverence and salvation.

God looked down, listening, to the RL’s last request and smiled. It was such a small request and one that was richly deserved. The Lord would do more than tell the Learned One, bud decided to show the RL, personally – granting this most humble of requests.

After the RLs last gasp of breath, a smile formed, a life of belief and honor convinced the RL that the message was heard. As the heart stopped beating; the eyes developed new clarity.
Around the RL was a beautiful forest with a series of paths leading in multiple directions thru the woods. Confused for a moment, being not sure which path to take; the RL paused. Soon the RL noticed a friend approaching; it was the one who taught religion, a friend and teacher.
Follow me the friend beckoned, that you might learn the answer to your final request. They walked on one of the paths for a short time. Soon they came to a clearing with a majestic castle in the distance. They continued to the castle, the drawbridge was down and the gates were open.

They entered a magnificent room, with a very long table in the center. Upon the table were the finest of food and drink in abundance. The feast was piled high in the center of the table and people were seated, facing each other on the sides. The RL, upon noticing the feast told his guide that this truly must be heaven. This particular RL was known at times to partake a bit to excess; the only minor “vice” of a virtues life. The RLs mouth began to salivate, eager to partake.

The guide noticed, and reminded the RL of the request to learn the difference between Heaven and Hell. This certainly is a grand Heaven the RL exclaimed, I would be happy to be here for all eternity. Not so fast said the guide. You are only looking at the table, divert your eyes to the residents of Hell! Astonished, the RL complied. It was only then that the RL noticed that the arms of those seated had planks of wood strapped to their arms. They were unable to bend their elbows, and thus could not feed themselves. They sat starving while looking at a feast.

How horrible, what purgatory exclaimed the RL to the guide; I certainly would not want to spend eternity at that table. They turned and left the great hall, exited the castle and soon were back in the forest. The guide followed a twisted path and soon came upon a clearing. To the surprise of the RL there was an identical castle; or he thought it might be the same one again.

They entered the second location, again with drawbridge and open gate. Inside there was a great hall with exactly the same feast laden table in the center. This time the RL quickly glanced at the arms of those seated. Again astonished, he noticed that they too had slats of wood affixed to their arms such that they also could not bend their elbows to feed themselves.
We must have taken a wrong turn in the forest; we are back where we started the RL said to the guide and friend. The guide spoke again. My friend, your life of kindness and devotion has not given you the ability to grasp the totality of a situation. Use those newly restored eyes to really look upon the face of Heaven. For here is where you will have a seat at the table.
He looked more closely. The new found strength of his eyes and mind focused on the slats of wood affixed to the arms of those at the table. Only then did he notice that they picked up items, be it food or drink; and reached across the table to feed their counterpart on the other side.


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