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August 27, 2018

Emailing questions to notaries proves fruitful

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I emailed hundreds of Notaries with notary questions. Carmen likes the idea, and she told me why.

1. Convenience — Notaries have the chance to answer the question at their convenience instead of being put on the spot by me which makes them uncomfortable and sometimes mad!

2. Learning — Notaries have the chance to learn something by looking things up in their NNA materials or on our blog or other sources. Learning should be a regular part of a Notary’s life, so I am glad to give them a chance to learn.

3. Certification — I have been able to give temporary certifications and reinstate people’s certifications who lost it because I could not reach them to test. I would like to have at least 1000 certified member, but people are mostly sluggish about studying and being cooperative, so this goal will not be possible until the market shifts.

4. Wrong Emails — I get to see whose emails bounce and whose are wrong. I can remove free listings who are out of the loop. This is valuable information and it only takes a minute for me to sent them an email and make a record of it.

I am happy that you are learning something, and hope you enjoy our Notary Public 101 course on the blog as it is packed with pertinent information, particularly the scenarios page which can get you out of a bind and save you from a bad review.


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