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August 28, 2018

Be at your best at all times…..

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I always try to be kind and treat people the way I want to be treated. I do my best, but sometimes I fall short. This is one such occasion.

I got a call from a nice woman needing my notary services. I could tell that English was not her first language. (I assumed because of where I live that she was Asian. This is not relevant now but will be later in the story) She said she had her sister’s ID, but her sister was out of the country, I then went on to explain to her that the person who I would be notarizing the signature for must be present. I continued to ask a few more questions. And with those questions came clarity. Often times folks have no idea of what they need. Bottom line was that she had a POA (power of attorney) that SHE was to sign giving her sister power of attorney to sign for on her behalf. Therefore, no need for the sister to be present.

With a greater understanding of what she really needed, also realizing that she wasn’t going to be able to afford my travel fee. And since I was already out and about, I agreed to meet her at the Coffee Bean and gave her the address. As I drank my coffee and waited for her, I received a call from one of the 123notary.com members. I was fully engaged in my conversation and had began pacing (which I often do when on the phone), when a very young woman of color approached me and said something inaudible. I snapped at her and said, “Do you see me on the phone?”. She looked shaken and taken aback and she went to the corner of the shop. A couple of minutes passed and as I began winding down my phone conversation, I notice her still in the corner watching me, when I also notice a piece of paper in her hand. I think to myself, “Oh no, could this be the person that I am waiting for?”

I immediately hung up from the call and walked over to her and said: “Are you the person that needs notary services?”, I am thinking please say it ain’t so, LOL. She half smiles and nods and says; “Yes, I am the one”. I felt VERY SMALL at that moment. I empathically told her, that I was sorry and that I was expecting an Asian woman. She was surprised by this, but I told her that peoples’ phone voices can play tricks on me. She nodded in agreement. However, I still had no right to presume her nationality. I live in a predominately Asian community and the young women on the phone had sounded Asian to me. And unfortunately that is what I was looking for. I shouldn’t have judged her nationality in the first place and I most definitely shouldn’t have been rude.

I took care of her notarization, apologized again profusely and off she went. After she had gone, I thought to myself that I will most likely be getting my first negative review. I felt bad about this but also knew that I would deserve it for my bad behavior. A few days later still upset with myself, I happened to be on the site that she found me and I was shocked. There it was, a new review and it seems she hadn’t held my bad behavior against me. It was positive. This is what she wrote, And I quote; “She’s very patient and helpful! She made sure that I understand the process and what can I expect from the party receiving my papers. I will use her services in the future for sure!”

Moral of the story; We all have bad days but be kind to everyone…



  1. Amen.

    Comment by Kenneth Edelstein — August 28, 2018 @ 10:42 pm

  2. Great story and advice.

    Comment by J.M. Notary — September 9, 2018 @ 9:16 pm

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