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November 3, 2018

It is so frustrating

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I know the Notaries are sick and tired of me asking them questions. After all, they are experts and professionals who know everything, so they don’t need to be asked questions. Unfortunately, their test scores seem to average around 50%, and the ones who brag, more like 40%

I spent so much time creating free study guides. People read my guides by the thousands, but when it comes to reading them when you are doing an email quiz, most people do not. I give instructions in my email quizzes where to go for reference materials. It is sad that people will get a 50% who could have gotten an 80%.

Failing person after person after person — it just gets me down. I hate taking people’s certifications away from them. But, if they are dangerous as a Notary, it is the only way I can protect the public.

Now, I sent out about 200 emails asking people scenarios questions. Carmen and I think that how you handle real life situations, some of which are curve balls or look like a curve ball — is more important than whether you know the basic notary terminology although you need that too. We teach the basic scenarios to keep you and your clients safe. But, do you learn the material well enough? Very few do which is sad.

On a brighter note, since I have been screening notaries more, the new signups on 123notary have been better. Maybe we will turn into a fancy Beverly Hills type site that caters to the best and forgets about the rest. But, there is no reason why all Notaries cannot be their best. It is dangerous not to know your stuff and can lead to getting fired, legal liability and even ending up in court. It is no joke and there is no excuse not to be at the top of your game at all time.

Even if you only do one notarization per month, if you goof, you can still cause a lot of loss to someone. So, if you are doing to do even one notary act in your future, be an expert and know what you are doing.


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