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January 31, 2019

My new health regimen left me without my favorite foods

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I have not had much to drink in ten years, but I love to eat, and fatty foods are not a popular choice for my liver and gall bladder which regularly complain. Finally I went to the doctor after feeling not exactly dizzy, but having a feeling that my head was not completely connecting to my body and feeling heaviness in my arms and legs. I was sent to get ultrasound and the results were that (no, it was not a boy.) I had a stone in my gall bladder and a fatty liver. Gulp. The doc said it was time to eliminate deep fried foods and lose weight.

I have had a rule against french fries for the last ten years because my gall bladder cannot stand them. But, now I had to get rid of a bunch of other things on my list. Don’t get me wrong, I have salads, fruits and good things too, but, here are the culprits in my health condition.

Indian curries — too much grease in the sauce
Pakora — deep fried, so that is out.
Fried Chicken — too greasy.
Ice Cream — But, I used to have that several times a week and loved it.
Wine — My two glasses per week are out because it upsets the liver a little bit.
Meat — too much cholesterol and fat.
Soy Milk – too much estrogen and bad hormones and other bad things that I don’t completely understand.Only had it once per week.

So, what would I replace the wrong things on my diet with.

Curries replaced with Aloo Gobhi. (is it Ghobi or Gobhi? I know there is an h, but where is it the Hindi word for cauliflower?)
Pakoras replaced with samosas. Still a little bit greasy, but not as bad
Fried chicken and rotisserie chicken off the list completely replaced by an apple and bread.
Ice Cream — I thought I would die without it. Dessert is replaced by smoked almonds and mango lassi’s or mango juice.
Wine – There is no substitute for wine other than cherry juice. It’s just not the same.
Meat — I am having more fish and more squash and veggies and smaller less frequent portions of meat.
Rice — I am having less carbs too. More oats, less rice. I’ll have more veggies and potatoes with skins on instead of lots of rice.
Soy Milk — Replaced with fruit and/or bread.

1. An Irishman went into an Indian restaurant and asked why the had mango lassi’s but no mango lads.
2. My new favorite food is mango juice. Instead of missing the old foods I love, now I look forward to my newly discovered favorite of mango juice and smoked almonds. But, today I am juice fasting and mango juice has pulp, so I am really missing it today. The Indian stores sell it pure, but the American stores mix it with apple and other juices. I don’t want Mango Tango — I want just mango!
3. How long to revive the liver and gall bladder? Perhaps a year or two for the liver if I behave. Gall stones are hard or impossible to dissolve, but I am taking peppermint extract and pear juice to soften and dissolve my single stone. My guru says it will work but will take five years. Just as long as it is less than 1cm, then it is not dangerous anymore, so let’s hope we get to that point soon.


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  1. Just east Thai salad every day and you’ll be fine.

    Comment by admin — March 28, 2019 @ 2:18 am

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