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January 14, 2019

Merit, Pay Grade & Answering Emails

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Notaries complain all day long about everything. The ones not getting work seem to do more of the complaining. Notaries complain that they don’t get work, and that the pay is low, and that they often don’t even get paid. Here is my rebuttal…

1. If you don’t have a solid knowledge of Notary work, why do you even merit to have a notary seal? Sure the state governments just hand them out like candy canes at a Christmas party, but do you really deserve one?

2. If you complain about being quizzed, do you merit a notary seal in the first place? The notary profession is one that I take seriously because the security of people’s life savings are in your hands. One fake ID, and someone could lose their house with no paper trail since most of you do not keep thumbprints in your journal if you even keep a journal. You are playing with fire.

3. Many of you don’t answer your phone ever, and when you do, you refuse to talk. How can anyone good deal with you if you are impossible to talk to.

4. Last, but not least, since I got so much flack calling people with notary questions, I have resorted to emailing Notary questions. But, 95% of people simply do not answer the email. How can you have a professional relationship with people if you do not answer emails? That means that only 5% of you are worthy of being considered for being hired, and that is only if your knowledge is up to par.

The bottom line is that in the current condition of American Notaries, only 2% give or take merit being hired at all at any pay grade. The rest of you need to work on learning all about all aspects of notary work, answering your phone, talking, and answering emails, being cooperative, not whining so much and being professional rather than just claiming to be professional.

The condition of the people in this industry is bad beyond belief and only you can prevent forest fires and increase the average quality of American Notaries by being one of the good ones (not claiming to be one of the good ones) yourself.

Basically, what I am trying to say is stop whining, and start acting like a professional Notary which starts with understanding how to be a notary which is something only about 3% of you know how to be with any proficiency.

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