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January 9, 2019

Is 123notary tearing notaries down or building them up?

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One Notary wrote to me claiming that we tear Notaries down. This may seem to be the case if you talk to Notaries who antagonize us. Because those who are rude to us often get a rude response because we have had enough with rude Notaries! In the long run, you need to be cooperative and polite to survive in this business.

123notary not only sells courses to help Notaries to be at the top of their knowledge, but publishes not hundreds, but thousands of helpful blog articles specifically tailored to help Notaries with all of their marketing needs and knowledge needs (which they don’t always acknowledge as needing.)

If you want to spit in our faces and antagonize us, you will probably see us as tearing you down. However, if you cooperate in our attempts to educate you, you will find that we offer free help that NOBODY ELSE will offer at any price. Take us for granted if you like, but the serious Notaries often give us a big thank you after we have helped them.

One reason Notaries might feel we tear them down is that when we quiz people, if they get mostly wrong answers, we will tell them that they don’t know what they are doing. Whose fault is this? Is it my fault for telling them they don’t know how to be a Notary or is it their fault for endangering the public and themselves and my reputation by having no clue what they are doing.

Being a good Notary protects you from:

1. Engaging in illegal notarizations which might include:

(a) Refusing to notarize when the request is perfectly legal
That can get you sued if there are damages. If someone cannot complete a sale on time and lose a few thousand, they can sue you and we have stories of this happening to our Notaries!

(b) Agreeing to notarize when the request is not legal
How would you know if you don’t understand notary law. The majority of Notaries do not understand the rules for the various common Notary Acts such as Acknowledgments, Jurats, Oaths, Affirmations, and Proofs of Execution. By misunderstanding the rules, you are likely to commit illegal acts daily which you might never get caught for, but it is still illegal and you could eventually get caught.

(c) Failing to administer an Oath or a relevant Oath when required
This can end you up in jail for five years on a felony. We have heard stories of several Notaries who got busted by judges for this and lost their commission. I did not hear of anyone being put in jail. But, I heard that some judges consider failing to administer an Oath when you said you did in writing to be perjury which is a felony and is a Federal offense not governed by your particular state rules.

(d) Failing to fill out a journal
If you don’t keep a journal or use short cuts, you might not have adequate evidence in court of what actually happened at a transaction. Those who have thorough records often get out of long court cases and I have stories from our Notaries to back up that claim. It only takes two minutes per assignment and can save your neck.

(e) Thumbprinting
Failure to keep a journal thumbprint would make identity thieves hard or impossible for investigative agencies to catch. Showing the FBI your journal entry with a fake ID’s serial number inscribed within it leads them into a brick wall.

(f) Additional information in Acknowledgments
Many Notaries feel that since this information below their stamp is optional that therefor they should not fill it out. Acknowledgments can fraudulently be swapped from one document to another if not thoroughly identified by use of the optional and additional information section. The NNA does a good job of creating these forms and I recommend them as a vendor.

If you think being a slipshod Notary is okay — I have elaborated the damages that it can cause you and society above. If you think that you are a great notary simply because you never got in trouble… yet… you could get in trouble, and the consequences are so severe, that it is not worth playing with. This is part of the reason why 123notary wants all Notaries listed with us to know their stuff up to our standards (not your standards or your state’s standards) because our standards are practical and will keep you out of most types of trouble you could get into. Additionally, it looks good and is proper to know your trade to a particular knowledge level.

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