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August 24, 2018

Notaries who feel entitled

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At 123notary, we have this unpopular practice of testing people to make sure they know what they are doing. Unfortunately, most fail our test with varying degrees of incompetence. People don’t like being quizzed because they know they will fail, yet they always claim to be great Notaries.

The problem is that some of our more loyal clients who have been Notaries for 20 years claim that they shouldn’t have to pass our test or take our test. Some of these people are operating on a 20% level of competency. How is it they survived in this business so long without knowing what they are doing. How is it that nobody else is chastising them for not knowing what they are doing. Customers who hire Notaries are normally unaware of proper notary procedure and also not aware of the consequences of careless Notary work. The result is that I am treated like the bad guy for being the one person who scrutinizes notaries. I do so because I do know the difference and don’t like the attitude of those who don’t give a damn.

In any case, we are having an argument with a New Mexico Notary who just won’t pass our test. He got a failing grade before, and now we jacked up his renewal rate since he is a risk to our reputation for quality. Why can’t he just study? It takes only a few hours to learn what you need to learn as a notary and that will help you for the rest of your life. Why all the resistance. Carmen even tutors people for free sometimes if they are a loyal client.

The fact is that I cannot make exceptions for veteran Notaries. All Notaries need to know what they are doing — no exceptions. If you don’t know, we will allow you to learn. But, refusing to learn is not an option. Our reputation with title companies matters to us, and I do not give you permission to ruin it.



  1. I agree with you. We all should be kept on our toes. Your company’s status is what it is because you don’t let people slide. Every company has rules to follow. Every signing has rules to follow. So what’s the difference when it comes to a company that can improve your knowledge and business ? Is you’re smart you’ll be quiet and play by the rules.

    Comment by Roseanne — September 9, 2018 @ 6:30 pm

  2. The issue is once you become a signer the companies do not test for competence they hire the notary who will take the lowest fee. They want you to read and follow their instructions and if you do and the paperwork is good – then that’s it! you are a high rated signer. As far as the notary, many do not know where to find updates pertaining to the law or bother to refresh their knowledge – it is about the money. I guarantee half aren’t even dressed properly. Nobody is watching Jeremy and I know what you are trying to do by testing but you do not make more money if you know the difference between notary acts ….. sorry just saying

    Comment by Linda — September 10, 2018 @ 6:48 pm

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