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September 26, 2018

How do you train an army of Notaries?

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Other sites do not care about the quality of their Notaries. They just list Notaries and let nature take its course. I care very much about the quality of Notaries while the Notaries generally claim to be amazing Notaries, and then fail my test and argue about how the questions are not any good. The fact is that it is dangerous to the Notary to be a bad Notary. There are lots of ways to get in trouble. If you don’t know your loan documents well, that is a small issue, but not having solid Notary practices can get you in legal trouble.

So, with 6000 Notaries on my site, how can I possibly train them all? I actually have been training people by phone and email. But, very few are thankful because they don’t value knowledge and prudency. If I charged for my help, hardly anyone would take me up on it. Hmmm. Training 6000 people one by one is almost impossible. However, I can screen them and I did. It was exhausting and I will never do anything like that again. If I screen people in the future, it will be a lot quicker and perhaps only two or three questions instead of four to ten.

In the mean time, I am putting fun and free courses on the blog. I created a loan signing course a few years back called the 30 point course. That was popular. Then I created Notary Public 101 which is about best practices and is not state specific, but really helps people understand the nuts and bolts of what they do every day. Finally, I just created Notary Marketing 102. That is a great way to learn the art of getting lots of business — isn’t that what we all want?

So, I could train an army of Notaries one by one, but that is too tiring. For now, I will just publish free learning materials and sell courses and hope that some of it sinks in. Maybe I should do some mock quizzes on the blog too just so people get the hang of right answers vs. wrong.


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