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September 27, 2018

If you accuse us of asking California questions, be specific

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Many Notaries accuse us of asking California questions on our quizzes. Once in a while we do. But, put your money where you mouth is and be specific about what the question was and when it was asked.

I have also been accused of asking questions that are ambiguous or where there are more than one answer. Some of my questions have a really good answer and a mediocre answer which might be also correct. Is it so difficult to find the better of two correct answers?

I ask this type of “confusing” question to see how intimately you know your notary knowledge. If you understand the logic of my questions, and have intimacy of knowledge, the questions are easy and make sense. I believe the problem is that few Notaries really know their notary law.

How can you be a Notary when you cannot describe even a single Notary act? It baffles me. Hmmm.


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