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September 13, 2018

It’s only temporary

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Everything in life is temporary. Buddhists claim that life is like a cloud, its shape is always morphing. A young lady’s heart is also like a cloud — one minute she likes you and the next minute she doesn’t. Hmm. Life itself is temporary, and so is certification.

If you lose your certification because you failed a quiz, you can still study and take the quiz again. If you are certified, that is also temporary as you might fail the next quiz. If you are removed from 123notary for not logging in, that too is temporary as we are happy to put you back once you have proven yourself to be alive.

Now that I have weeded down the certified members from 1600 to 540, I want to elite certify some. That will involve them studying which I cannot force them to do. But, that is once again temporary. So, if you are feeling sad, it is only temporary. If you are feeling happy, also temporary. If you are feeling temporary, that too is temporary. The only thing constant is change.

I went to the corner store to buy a paper. I handed the guy and asked for change. Little did I know he was a Buddhist monk. He said that change comes from within. I told him that I’m not leaving until that change comes — whether from his cash register or from within.


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