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September 12, 2018

He wanted to sue 123notary for $60

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This client was absolutely unbelievable. He failed my quiz, and would not login and maintain his listing. He finally got temporarily removed for failure to know how to be a notary and failure to maintain his listing. However, rather than resolve the issue with me, he got really mad and hired an Attorney.

The client wanted $60 back when he had spent only $59. He also had only one month and a few days left which was worth $6. I told him that his time left was worth $6, not $60 and that I would give him two months if he would drop the law suit. I told him not to renew with us unless he could pass my Notary quiz.

Carmen and I take notary competency very seriously. If you don’t know your loan documents we don’t care that much although you really should know that too. But, legally, it is a liability not to know how to be a Notary. You can get sued, you can be pegged as a suspect by the FBI, or end up as a witness in court for weeks on end simply by being sloppy in your Notarial duties.


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