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August 22, 2018

A Notary caught some frauds who stole credit info while at a hotel.

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I don’t know the whole story on this case. But, this is what my notes indicate. A Notary Public did a job for some people who were at a hotel. The Notary somehow found out that they had committed some type of fraud or stolen credit information from someone. The Notary reported the crime immediately and the police were able to find the bad guys still at the hotel an hour later.

Here is another story about the police and Jeremy.
I was making a left turn on a left turn arrow. A truck was coming up the road that I was trying to turn into. But, he was driving the wrong way on my side of the road preventing the car ahead of me from making the turn. The truck was doing a delivery to Erewon Health Food Store. It has a Maine license plate. The truck was only moving a few miles per hour, but created a small but dangerous back up. The car ahead of me could have moved up a little, but was too afraid to, and I was stuck in the intersection.

Finally after waiting for close to forty seconds, the car finally moved, and I could finally go. The minute I started to slowly move, a pedestrian jumped in front of me perhaps because the light had changed and he got a walk signal. He yelled at me to watch where I was going. I was watching straight ahead the entire time. He was not watching where he was going, because jumping in from of a car that was blocked and needs to get out of an intersection for safety reasons is not a good idea. Since he jumped in front of me from my blind spot (more than 45-55% to my right, there is no way I would see him unless I was watching where he came out of nowhere rather than watching where I was going.

So, I parked, wrote down the license plate of the truck, called 911, and 911 put me on hold. I called back in a minutes and was put on hold. I called a third time, was transferred to Los Angeles Police Department and offered them the plate number but they didn’t even want it. They said they had to catch the guy in action. I told them he was parked on the wrong side of the street which proves that he must have driven on the wrong side of the road, and intends to do it again while leaving his spot. Additionally, it is illegal to park facing the wrong direction. As usual, when there is danger, LAPD doesn’t give a damn and won’t lift a finger. What a negligent department. I might have to report the lady who answered the phone because she was useless.

The moral of the story is:
If you are blocked in traffic, assume that a rude pedestrian will cut you off in a dangerous and obnoxious way and then blame you for not watching where you are going.

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  1. OMG!!! I have road rage MOST OF THE TIME, but I look like I am singing in my car. I feel your pain! You want to Scream, “Have your accident with somebody else!!!!!!!!”
    Was in an accident last December, coincidentally right after a signing. Some woman raced across 2 lanes of slow moving traffic to hit ME bc she was late for a Dr’s appointment. It’s a bad spot, DD (asst. SA) prosecuted a hit and run same intersection a couple of years ago.
    I now drive like a UPS driver, almost ALL right hand turns and I avoid accident prone intersections, that I am aware of.

    Comment by betty dedman — October 10, 2018 @ 4:13 pm

  2. Really? We’re using this blog to bash police? Next time you want protection call the notary who posted the original story. You must think a lot of yourself to bash the entire LAPD for not arresting someone because they pissed you off. Do you have any idea how selfish you make yourself sound?

    Comment by John — October 10, 2018 @ 10:14 pm

  3. I am not bashing the police in this blog. I am pointing out that not only did they not do their job, but they couldn’t care less if someone is creating a severe safety hazard and they don’t even answer 911 calls consistently. Bad policing is dangerous to my well being. And next time I need protection they probably won’t be there as they were not there the last five times I needed protection. In Los Angeles, the police are rarely available to help. I respect REAL police not slackers

    Comment by admin — March 21, 2019 @ 5:42 am

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