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August 9, 2018

I heard that a particular Illinois Notary got kicked off the Notary Rotary forum

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I will not mention personal names, but will mention state names. This Notary has been bashing people for years. She signed up with us after not being listed for years. She got temporarily removed for not logging in for a long time and then reinstated. But, she got kicked off the Notary Rotary forum. I don’t think Harry has too many rules, and doesn’t kick people off on a whim either. He has a reputation of being very easy to deal with. I haven’t kicked anyone off my forum for a decade, so this sounds like big news to me.

Basically, the lynch mob of Notaries who hangs around on forums bashing everyone reminds me of the kids in the smoking section of school. They bash all the teachers, the principal, are rude all the time, and do nothing of value. How can states be so foolish to commission such derelicts into positions of integrity like being a Notary.

I really feel the states need to take being a Notary more seriously and commission people who are decent, serious, logical, and have proven that they will do a good job in this profession rather than causing trouble all the time. I feel that the state notary divisions are basically to blame for this horrifying behavior.

If I seem short tempered sometimes, it is because I am tired of dealing with Notaries who don’t know how to be Notaries, who cannot communicate clearly to save their lives and who are generally disrespectful. It wares Carmen and me down to deal with headaches every day.

You guys are supposed to be respectable professionals who know their trade and act with integrity. This is rarely the case. My suggestion is clean it up.


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  1. Agreed. Criticize the vendors who still think we are in the 2014 desperate for any job economy. ANYBODY who undercuts you by undercharging probably hasn’t run the numbers and doesn’t know that long drives are not cost effective. I am turning down the cheapo rated jobs eSPECIALLY since FedEx and UPS are removing rural town boxes, which makes it an hour or more to drive back to town to drop.

    Comment by Betty Dedman — October 8, 2018 @ 8:06 pm

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