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August 1, 2018

You are service providers

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Some customers complain that I don’t treat them like customers. I treat them more like students in a school, or people who work for me. The reason for this is that you reflect my reputation with people who use the site. If all of our Notaries were basket cases, I would be out of business because no browsers would come to my site.

If you are a Notary who scores well on our tests and logs in regularly, I will treat you purely as a customer, because there would be no integrity breaches with you. But, if you are negligent as a notary, that causes reputation problems.

The fact is that you are service providers as well as customers. The end users are Title, Escrow, Signing Companies, and other people who regularly use Notaries. I treat them like customers because they are the ones who pay you so you in turn pay me. If we lose them, then there will be no 123notary. So, if there is a conflict between pleasing a delinquent Notary and the general population of Browsers, I am compelled to favor the browsers because we cannot exist without them. Think about it.

On the other hand, there is no reason why all of you cannot score 100% on my quizzes and do a wonderful job pleasing customers and logging into your listing. This is easy, you should do it anyway, and it makes life safer. So, why not?


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