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August 29, 2018

We are a notary directory and therefore should not discuss certain topics

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At 123notary, we are equal opportunity. We provide the same opportunities to all genders, races, nationalities, etc. Additionally, we write comedy blog articles and publish generally one per week since our readers like it.

The conflict is, do we have the right, or should we publish cultural humor? Is it inappropriate? The answer is that any humor is inappropriate on a government site or big business site. So, if we removed some humor, we would have to remove all humor. However, we are a small and informal business, and we like writing comedy because it pleases myself and the readers love to read it.

The irony is the the posts that get the most controversy and complaints are also the posts that are the most read — which is why I keep writing them.

The issue is that the amount of hatred I receive as a result of writing cultural satire (which is not racist at all and does not demean anyone), is a problem. Hatred has no place in our community. What I am writing is not hateful, was not written with an attitude of hate, and is not meant to upset anyone. The people who are upset and acting hateful to me do want to harm me, scare me, upset me, etc. There is no reasonable cause for the hateful backlash for harmless satire. All TV networks have the same type of humor on their prime time shows that are geared towards children. The same type of cultural humor is aired on TV. Do you bash all of the national networks because they have cultural satire, or do you only bash individuals who are helpless your mob type online lynching.

I think that there is a large community or collection of individuals out there, probably leftists, and definitely anti-white whether they are non-white or not. This collection of people strongly desires to abuse white men, or abuse people in general and is just looking for an opportunity to hurt someone. They choose to hurt me because they have been culturally programmed (happens a lot in America these days) to attack those who exercise their freedom of speech and attack those who cross what I call the “freedom of speech color line.”

If you are black, you can walk down the street using the “n” word frequently and nobody bats and eyelash.
But, if you are write and criticize the behavior of these particular black individuals there will be a lynch mob of anti-white racists waiting to spit all over you and falsely accuse you (the white person) of being a racist when you were complaining about behavior, and not race. Whites are routinely targeted for false accusations because the media has brainwashed us into thinking that white = racist, or that whites are the only people who might be racist. The fact is that whites of this generation walk around on their tiptoes trying hard not to say anything that could correctly or incorrectly be misconstrued as racist and still get routinely and systemically accused of being racist. The reality is that there are racists in all races, and that writing cultural comedy or making a harmless joke about race DOES NOT make you a racist, and the joke itself is cultural and NOT racist. And falsely accusing people who use their freedom of speech to say an opinion or abusing people for using their freedom of speech is an abuse of civil rights and freedom of speech. I feel my constitutional rights have been abused by those who hurl hatred at me for publishing harmless satire. If you like going around abusing people, that will come back to you. And I will not tolerate it.

If you don’t like something I write — nobody is forcing you to read it.


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