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June 27, 2018

123notary back in 2005; I gave all my customers to Carmen;

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I remember that in 2005 I stopped having time to be a notary anymore My commission expired in December of 2005 if I remember correctly. But, I stopped having much time to do Notary work back in 2003 when I got really busy. I still kept some of my clients, but stopped doing most of the loan signings. In any case, I had to refer my favorite clients to someone. So, I gave them to Carmen, but they couldn’t afford her because Carmen is expensive.

The thing you have to realize as a Notary is that availability is a commodity. Skill is another. If you are available and can do work when and where the client needs, they might pay you a lot more than you think. They just want to get the job done, and money is sometimes not an issue. Notaries typically focus on the people who think that money is an issue. But, you cannot make good money dealing with cheapskates. Focus on the people who think that getting what they want when they want it is an issue and sell them quality work at a high price. That is the secret to success.

The other secret to success is knowing what you are doing. This is why we have Notary Public 101, Notary Marketing 102, and the 30 Point Course for loan signing all free on our blog. Who else gives you this much for free other than God?


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