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July 25, 2018

My best 100 days and Carmen’s worst

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I remember right after Trump was elected, Carmen was so unhappy. Why did she love Obama so much? Obama took me for thousands of dollars on health insurance. I never bought health insurance and was fined thousands. That seems to be robbery to me. So, Obama is out and Trump is int. I was happy at first when Trump took over, but his presidency has really affected the whole dynamic of America. People behave differently now. Some people have gotten more aggressive and others are cleaning up more swamps.

My decision to clean up the notarial swamp happened simultaneously with Trump’s election. I’m not sure if my decision was consciously affected by him, but it did happen at the same time. I want all Notaries to know what they are doing. That is the main thing.

I have also noticed that there is more of a labor shortage in Los Angeles. I don’t know if people have been leaving the country, or have been deported or what. Getting good kitchen help and good Thai massage never used to be this hard.

I think Trump needs to have a proactive immigration policy. Rather than focusing on deporting people, focus on bringing in who you like and then the others will have fewer job opportunities and leave on their own. Giving more work visas to people makes sense. Why force people to break the law just so they can make a living by making legitimacy so difficult or impossible? Getting a five year visa for labor needs to be a lot easier as we have a labor shortage around here.

Additionally, under Trump, there have been a lot less Notary jobs, and my business has not made as much money. We are still in business, but not doing as well as before.

I cannot say in the long run if we are better off with Trump, but in the short run things have changed in many ways. People have changed, the Notary world has changed, and the labor supply in Los Angeles has changed. Maybe I need to wait to see how things are in the long run. But, people have so much hatred for Trump — and I feel a lot more hatred these days by the way in general, that he will have to turn his image around or he will not win a second term.


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  1. Seems to be plenty of business if you seek it out. Most notaries do not treat their business as a business.


    Comment by Ken — July 26, 2018 @ 9:41 pm

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