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July 4, 2018

New Year’s Day was symbolic

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New Year’s day is when I think about my priorities for the year. I normally begin the year doing all the things I want to focus on that year such as meditating, working, taking a healthy walk, and staying organized.

My resolutions this year were to lose a lot of weight, learn to be better at feng shui and learn good Chinese.

But, I also got my photos organized that I use for my blog and got some other things tidied up on my site.

So, far I am working on my weight, but it is so much work to run 123notary, that I am always behind no matter what I do. I dream of the day when I will be ahead of the game. Maybe I have to have a better strategy

Do you guys have things you want to do in 2018? Did you set priorities? You should think deeply about priorities, because having a well directed life leads you in a direction you will like a lot better than just winging it through life. Written plans that you stick to really help. Even having a weekly planning session about your life can really help.


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