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May 14, 2018

Clear communication is essential

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If you quiz with us for certification, read this. We will be quizzing you on a clock, and if you give roundabout answers, or make us repeat ourselves many times, you will run out of time. So, practice answering questions with concise and accurate answers that are completely clear and do not require clarification.

Many Notaries quiz with us. However, when they describe notarial acts, I cannot make sense of what the Notaries are saying. Here is an example.

ME: What is the difference between an Acknowledgment and a Jurat.

NOTARY: In an Acknowledgment you Acknowledge that the person signed and that the document is true.

ME: First of all, WHO is the YOU who acknowledges what person? Second of all, in an Acknowledgment, you are not verifying that anything is true, but only that it was signed. Here is a better definition:

In an Acknowledgement, the SIGNER acknowledges that they signed the document. The Notary does not acknowledge anything, but CERTIFIES (by virtue of filling out the certificate) that the signer acknowledged signing the document, personally appeared and was positively identified.


ME: If you have two signers each signing three notarized documents, how many journal entries would you create?

NOTARY: If you have three signers signing how many notarized documents?

ME: We are really not paying attention here. What you did is called scrambling information here. Two signers each signing three notarized documents.

NOTARY: Are the documents all the same?

ME: No, there are different documents, hence the fact that there are three of them.

NOTARY: Oh, then one for each.

ME: One for each what? I asked for a number not an inconclusive statement.

NOTARY: One for each document.

ME: Once again, I asked for a number and did not get one.

NOTARY: You’re mean.

ME: Well you don’t answer questions the way they were asked which is exasperating for the other person who is trying to fill out a form with room for a number, not a story. For the last time, how many journal entries would you create?

NOTARY: Can you repeat the scenario.

Do you see how stupid this question and answer session is. If you act this stupid, nobody good will hire you. If someone asks you how many — give them a number. If someone asks a yes or no question, give them a yes or no, and not a long ear bending story.


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