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April 22, 2018

If your listing has been paused by 123notary

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There has been a lot of drama recently, and a lot of rabble rousing on the forums about my more disciplinary behavior recently. So, I feel I owe it to the group to explain what is going on.

In 2004 when I first created the policies page, the rule was that you had to login every 120 days. If not, we would contact you and then remove you id you did not login in 150 days. It was left unstated if there was any possibility you would be removed on day 120, but you had to login within 120 days. Removal was temporary, and a simple email to me would get you back online.

We also created another policy under the term “Service” on our policies page. This term says that I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. I anticipated having a few psychos that I would need to kick off. I got many more psychotic maniacs than I thought I would.

In the last nine months, 123notary has sent autocalls to p#7-12 people in groups letting them know they should login. These reminders were every few months and were ignored. Most listings were ones that I logged in for the notary and left a note in my records of what had happened. But, many with very low scores on their Notary test were temporarily removed.

The reason they were removed was because they did not know how to be a Notary. I used the 120 no update rule as a way to soften the blow so I would not hurt anyone’s feelings that much or at all.

Recently I have had a few people email pages of my policy page or related pages that may have been antiquated. Although we remove listings for failing to login as a matter of practice. The recent removals can fall into the category of me as a matter of written policy reserving my right to remove someone on the basis that they did not know how to do their job.

Additionally, we created a new policy requiring Notaries to be able to score 70% on our Notary quiz. Very few Notaries were able to attain that low score while the average was 45%. I cannot remove all Notaries from my site, so I only removed the very worst ones.

Basically, you can argue all you like, kick and scream. But, to ensure integrity to the public which is a priority to me, I need Notaries who study Notary procedure and are fluent on the language of Notary. Most of you have to think long and hard about the most basic of Notary knowledge, or procedure which is unbelievable. For shame.

There are three policies that you need to concern yourself with, and they are not necessarily listed in the same place, although we are fixing that.

1. Login every 120 days.
2. Score 70% on our Notary test
3. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
So, please act polite and know your job well because I am tired of removing people for disciplinary or competency reasons and tired of the drama.

My job is not only to provide education and advertising to Notaries, but also to protect the public from bad Notaries. So, please do not be a bad Notary anymore assuming you are a bad Notary. And if you are a bad notary who is under the delusion that you are a great notary, then give yourself a little quiz on Notary vocabulary, acts and practices and see how you do.

IF you were removed, email us at info@123notary.com and we can discuss the terms for relisting you. If your term is not up, you would not owe payment, but might owe us passing a test or promising to login.


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  1. Just a word of clarification. Viewing the site is not a login. You need to click the “login” on the top right hand menu.

    Comment by Kenneth Alan Edelstein — April 22, 2018 @ 4:21 pm

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