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January 24, 2018

Don’t Analyze — Notarize

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Do you spend all day thinking about what the document means? It is not your job to figure it out. Just make sure the signer understands it.

Do you spend all day declining jobs for foreign language documents? Many states including California allow you to notarize in languages you do not speak. Just make sure you understand your state’s rules and follow them.

Do you fret about how much business you are getting or not getting instead of just going out there and doing something?

Do you wear the new Zen Nike sneaker whose slogan is — just don’t do it?

Do you spend too much time complaining about how little you get paid?

Do you waste hour after hour on Facebook complaining that Jeremy asked you a Notary question which you did not know the answer to? In that case, don’t analyze, just study how to notarize.

Do you worry that your journal is running out of space? Just buy a few new ones and keep them in your closet or in your notary bag for when you need them.

Do you worry that the price of gas is going up? Experts say that for the next decade, gas will be about the same price. US drilling has killed the market and is putting the Saudis out of business. One Saudi prince got so upset that business was so bad, he actually considered becoming a mobile notary — and then he came to his senses.

Most Notaries think all day long about inconsequential things. Don’t do this. Focus on learning to master your skill, and then market yourself so you can be successful. And as Native Americans say, “Don’t worry be Hopi.”



  1. What are you, a Notary Police Man?

    Comment by JoAnn Baracosa — July 12, 2018 @ 6:29 pm

  2. JoAnn, what about this sounds like the police? I’m not trying to be a kiss-up, but I will say this about Notary 123, I am getting jobs from people who use Notary 123. Also, if the standards for notaries go up on this site, this site will become the go to site for companies who want quality notaries, which equals better pay, don’t you want better pay? People (especially Notaries) should be glad somebody cares about this industries reputation, if we become less specialized, professional and efficient the idea that ANYBODY can do this will bring in more webcam states and this profession will go to sweatshops full of low paid employee’s with yet another fat cat getting wealthy off of people in states with low pay.

    Comment by David R Collins — July 18, 2018 @ 3:08 pm

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